Overwhelmed by yet another photography FAQ page? Don't worry, these are easy to remember.

Below are answers to topics that will give you a better idea of how I work and what to expect.


What makes you different than everyone else?

We all experience the world differently and that is art's great strength. Instead of chasing the latest trend, my goal is to capture the 'human experience.' It's a simple concept but very difficult to achieve. Whether it's a romantic moment, a funny expression or an interesting gesture, it all makes up the dance of life...and is ultimately what makes a timeless photograph.

Do you bring a 2nd photographer &/or assistant?

It depends. I photograph the majority of my weddings solo and actually prefer to work on my own, if possible. Contrary to popular belief, neither quality nor quantity is compromised with this approach. That said, sometimes it's a necessary addition, so we can talk more about whether it's a valuable option for you.

Do you photograph accessories, decor, and family group photos?

Yes, yes & yes!

How should we go about planning an Engagement Session?

This is a great opportunity to explore what is special to you two. Forget what you've seen online and what your friends have done and, instead, let's tell your story. What places are near and dear to you? Is it your home? A favorite restaurant/bar? A park? The lake? etc, etc (you get the idea). Let's start there and then we'll work together to come up with a plan that best suits you.

Do we get every photo taken? If not, how many should we expect?

Not every photo, but as many as possible. I go through all of the images and remove any that are blurry, awkward, redundant, etc and provide you with the ones that remain. I essentially try to give you as many as possible without sacrificing quality. As for the total amount, there are a lot of variables that can affect that, so the final number varies from wedding to wedding. That said, it's safe to expect a bare minimum of 600 finished photos from a 10 hour day (however, it's usually much more than that).

When will we see our pictures?

Turnaround time is typically around 4-6 weeks after the wedding date.

How long will our online gallery be available for?

Indefinitely. So, no rush.

What if we lose our photos one day? Do you keep a backup?

Yes, but they are only at the recent technology of the time of the wedding. I can't stress enough the importance of making your own set of backups after you receive your photos.

Do we need to meet with you before moving forward?

Only if you want to! I'm always up for it, but it's not a requirement :-)

How do we take the next steps?

Just let me know which photography item(s) you're interested in & then we'll just need to take care of an agreement and deposit and you're all set.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I currently accept check or bank transfer (via Venmo or Chase Quickpay)