What makes JPP Studios unique? It’s actually quite simple: people like YOU. No two individulas are the same, which means no two weddings, couples or families are the same, either. Let’s embrace what makes each of us different and celebrate the human experience.


MY Approach

My approach is simple: I embrace what makes photography truly special - observing your surroundings, feeling the moment and seeing the light. Although many prefer to talk about how they are creators, I instead like to think that I work best as an observer. No matter how much you plan, the unexpected will always happen and I believe that is where the magic lives. 

What I Do Differently

  • I'm interested in who YOU are are and what makes you unique. We all bring something special to this world and that is what I'm looking for when I photograph.
  • Contrary to what you've probably heard, a 2nd photographer isn't always necessary. In fact, I shoot the majority of weddings solo.
  • I'm here to help with any planning, as most of it surprisingly revolves around photography.
  • Let's work together! I see our relationship as a collaboration & encourage lots of communication in order to deliver the best possible images to you. 
  • Have fun! Seriously. That's the secret to great photos :-)
  • Be YOU. Life is full of quirks, humor, subtlety, beauty & emotion...and we all experience them. Let go and enjoy. At the end of the day, it's what will make you cherish your photos forever.